About BMTA

Who are we ?asd

  • Burmese migrants teachers, from migrant schools in Tak, Thailad.
  • BMTA has nearly 800 members from 51 migrant schools out of 69 in this area.



This is our Vision

Skillful teachers who can lead their students towards a safer, better, and harmonious society by accessing and effectively using resources to deliver quality education

Our Mission

Develop the education standards for migrants in the area and representing the role of teachers in this

Our Goal

Access to an accredited and recognized quality education for migrant communities along the Thai-Burma Border through emergence of an enabling environment

Our Objectives

  • To improve teachers’ teaching capacity and professional skills through provision of accredited recognition certificates
  • To increase transparency/accountability of BMTA and promote who we are and what we do to key stakeholders
  • To create a standardized prescribed curriculum which is appropriate regionally by integrating with the Thai and Myanmar curricula and utilize the same teaching and assessment among participating migrant schools.
  • All school going age migrant children have access to education which is academically recognized in the region and in the international society.
  • To strengthen cooperation of parents and local communities towards the Migrant School Education and to raise their understanding and respect on the values of education
  • To strengthen the organization’s operational management policies and structures for effective service deliver.
  • To provide necessary capacity building opportunities to increase staff capabilities for effective project implementation
  • To promote teachers’ security, dignity and rights through advocacy and maintaining unity among them
  • To improve the networking systems through collaborate with all local and international education partners and others.

What is BMTA doing to achieve our goal and objectives?

  • Capacity building for Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA project) (own program and joint with World Education)
  • Staff and key stakeholders capacity building ( Capacity building trainings and teaching skills trainings)
  • Teachers’ Seminar, education seminar
  • School trips
  • Teachers’ security and awareness
  • Migrant Education Sector Research (Joint with World Education and Suwannmit Foundation)
  • Curriculum development and standard ( Joint with MEII)
  • Networking and advocacy (Joint with MEII, NNER, EWG and EWGN)

Education Working Group (EWG)

Education Working Group is a working group under the an umbrella organization ‘Consolation Team for Displaced and Migrant Children’ Education and Protection (CTDCEP)’ which includes education, health and protection communality organizations.

Who are EWG members ?

  • Burmese Migrant Teachers’ Association (BMTA)
  • Burmese Migrant Workers’ Education Committee (BMWEC)
  • Migrant Education (ME)
  • Social Action For Women (SAW)
  • Community Council For Migrant Education (CCME)
  • All organizations are providing education services in Tak area

What is EWG doing ?

  • Facilitating monthly EWG networking (EWGN) meeting together with all education organizations, NGOs and Foundations to share update information , activities and work plans.
  • Discuss about education policy, standard and migrant children’ education in needs.
  • Cooperating and solving crisis in this area (Migrant Education Emergency Team (MEET) is a success example of EWGN).
  • MEET was able to raise 448,7961 THB which enabled 19 migrant learning centers on teachers’ stipend, rent, utilities and transportation cost which allowed more than over 2,500 students to continue their education in 2013- 2014 education year.

Future Plan and strategy

  • To continue the current ongoing programs
  • More number of PTA capacity building and parent educating program
  • Set up standard assessment and exam for migrant children to promote migrant education quality assurance base on the MEII CSF framework.

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  1. Myat Min Ko says:

    my name is myat min ko,i never knew that cdc website is here. before i’m one of the cdc school student..i’ll come back to there .

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