RWCT 60 Hours Training Successfully Finished


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Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT) training closing ceremony was successfully held on July 15th 2015 at BPHWT health worker team training room.
The training was started on 5th July and it is 10 days, 60 hours training which providing teaching methods base on the student center approach for their critical thinking.
RWCT training was conduct by Burmese Migrant Teachers Association (BMTA) and Thinking Classroom Foundation.
Thinking class room foundation is a member of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium (RWCT-IC) and the RWCT-IC is an institutional membership organization expanding global community of educators collaborating across cultures and boundaries to enhance understanding of teaching and learning by engaging teachers and learners in critical reflection (
RWCT-IC promotes and implements critical thinking across the educational spectrum around the world.
There are 35 participants from 17 Migrant Learning Centers (MLC) from Tak province, Thailand attended the training, and three RWCT trainers from Thinking Classroom Foundation leaded the training.

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During the training, the teachers learned different teaching methods by practicing teamwork, pair work, group activities and individual assignments.
The training also have included the agendas of role play, review teaching strategies, reading conference, biodiversity, free write, moral judgment, geometry walk, guided reading, and critical question etc.
BMTA has been regularly providing RWCT training cooperating with Thinking Classroom Foundation sine 2007 to date.

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