Meeting Management training for CTDCEP working group CBOs staffs and school teachers

Burmese Migrant Teacher Association (BMTA) implemented meeting management training for Education, health and protection working group member staffs and some teachers on 22nd June, 2012.

Naing Naing Htun, Project Coordinator of BMTA facilitated the training and Ko Gyi Kyaw form Community Capacity Building Committee trained the trainees.

23 trainees from Maetao Clinic, Child protection, Social Action for Women, Burmese Migrant Workers’ Education Committee, Committee for Protection and Promoting Child Rights (CPPCR), Community Council for Migrant Education, Migrant Education (ME), some school teachers and BMTA staffs attended this training.

One day training provided the effectiveness of meeting management, need assessment before, during and after the meeting, role of facilitator in the meeting and the meeting minute taking.

BMTA will continuously provide capacity building trainings for CTDCEP member community base organizations and migrant teachers for their organizational, schools and teaching skills development.


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