Migrant education monitoring and evaluation meeting successfully finished

BMTA hold migrant education monitoring and evaluation meeting together with school heads and experiences teachers on 16th June 2012 at Children Development Center (CDC).

BMTA, Burmese Migrant Worker Education Committee (BMEC), Migrant Education (ME), Education Working Group of CTDCEP and over 60 participants from 27 migrant schools attended this meeting.

The meeting discussed on the last Education Consultation Team meeting agreement and gave advise and feedback.

According to the meeting agendas, meeting separated to three discussion groups: 1)school policy and core subjects and curriculum group with school heads and education CBOs  , 2) Science and Math curriculum development with science and Math teachers, and 3) Social study subject group with social study teachers.

Mahn Shwe Hnin, Chair person of BMTA, U Theing Naing, Education consultant and BMTA adviser and Naing Naing Htun, Joint secretary of  BMTA facilitated for each discussion groups; Saya Htay Hlaing, joint secrety of Education working group and senior teacher led the science team, and Saya Aung Khine, social study teacher led the social study team.

As a result, BMTA got the community agreement on the school policies and standard, teaching hours and working hours, student and teacher ratio and other important issue related to migrant education for the purpose to ASEAN one community education policy.

BMTA will announce detail of the agreements soon.

On the one hand, science and social study group could draw the strategies, steps and future plans to upgrade the standard of curriculum.

At the meantime, BMTA is ruining by member fee and some limited support by Coordination team for displaced children’s education and protection (CTDCEP) , and seeking for technological and materials support from international and local group.

BMTA would like to invite everyone who are interested to help children for their education and protection in the level of formal and non-formal education to improve their rights.

For more information please feel free to contact executive committee of BMTA: bmta05@gmail.com.

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