An open letter to Daw Aun San Suu Kyi

Date : 2.06.2012

Open Letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi ,

From Burmese Migrant Teachers’ Association (BMTA)

On Behalf of all the migrant teachers and students.


Honorable, people`s leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi …………..

Burmese Migrant Teachers’ Association (BMTA) is an organization established in 2005 , and since it was formed , we have been carrying out our responsibilities as follow.

1. For the rights to access of education for all the school-age children in the migrant areas.

2. For the security and life stability of the teachers in the migrant areas.

3. For the development of the teachers’ kill and qualities in teaching .

4. For the emergency of curriculum standards that match the local and international standard.

5. For the unity of all the migrant teachers.

6. Upgrading  the children in their sense of awareness in good citizenship and with good morality , growing up to be a well-balanced member of the community.

At the time being,  BMTA and other education focusing organizations are try to implement to achieve the future ASEAN one community education policy.

At present we can see that there are better changes in political inside Burma , but we feel that a lot of time-frame is still needed for the proper changes in the field of health , education and economic. However, lack in creation proper chances of works for hundred thousand of Burmese Migrant Workers who have to cross into Thailand to seek for work because of the economic difficulties, will make them to continue living and working in Thailand, thus their children will also continue to exist in the migrant schools.

There are hundred thousand of ethnic Burmese workers in Tak province alone and there are more than forty thousand school –age children living with their parents.  About (17,000) children are studying in migrant schools. For the rights to access of education for these children , (900) teachers have dedicated their times and  efforts , with very low salary to teach these children in (80) migrant schools . For the rights of education those quantity of children,  we have struggled along facing the difficulties in the existence operation of the schools and teachers, necessities in teaching –learning materials and resources and form the difficulties in being illegal and possibility of acknowledgement by local Thai authorities.

To Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who is highly regarded and loved by all the Burmese nationalities nationwide and also internationally, on her chance in visiting Thailand, of Children and teachers in migrant schools, we would like to make a request to urge and help in the following.

  1. For the future of the children to acknowledge them back into the education system of union of Myanmar.
  2. For the recognition of the migrant teachers back into the education system of the union of Myanmar, according to their years of teaching experiences.
  3. To encores the loss of qualified teachers , we would like to request you to help us in urging the respective international donors to increase the salary and rights of the teachers whose their incomes and rights are far more less than the migrant workers at present. And the equity of their rights leveled to these of the migrant workers.
  4. To help us in our plight to get back the rights of citizenship to the children born in the borderlines and in the area inside Burma , where at the time of conflict who were regarded as being illegal and stateless children.
  5. For the children who still have to continue living in Thailand related to the consequence, we request you with our deep respect to support us in our struggle to help these children to be acknowledge and recognized in the educational means.

The union of Myanmar is gradually changing toward a democracy country, BMTA will continue to urge and demand for the democracy rights of fellow teachers, the freedom to form their own organization upon their free will.

With much respect we would like to request Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD to support us in demanding our rights.


Mahn Shwe Hnin
Chair Person
Burmese Migrant Teachers` Association

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