BMTA activities note about two days training and workshop for English and Science subject

During the period 25th – 26th February, 2012, BMTA ran training and workshop activities with the support of World Education. BMTA provided these training and workshop activities with following aims and objectives:

1.    To give training/support for curriculum development and improved understanding of the teaching-learning process.
2.    To give training/support regarding teaching methods for secondary school Science and English.
3.    To give the teachers a forum in which to share their experiences and opinions regarding their own school’s educational strengths and weaknesses.
4.    For BMTA to discover the training needs and teaching material needs of the teachers who attended.

We implemented these two-day training workshops successfully and received positive feedback about them. As well as successful workshops, we agreed with the science teachers to hold monthly lesson planning meetings to support their day-to-day teaching practices. As a result of the workshop we also began discussions with an organization called Burma Education Partnership with a view to setting up in-service (in classroom) training for some of the English teachers.
BMTA will continue its training activities in-service teacher training  in coming summer holiday together Educational organization.

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