Committy for Proteaction and Promoting on Child Rights (CPPCR)’s Fihth conference’s statement urged for rights to citizineship for migrant and IDP children


Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (Burma)

Fifth Conference’s Statement

Date: 28 December 2011

The Fifth Conference of the Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (Burma) was successfully held on December 27 and 28 of 2011 at a place on Thai-Burma border attended by over sixty delegates from civil society organizations, legal experts and children’s representatives. The conference hereby issues this statement.

Although it is said that every person born of parents of indigenous stock who are Burmese citizens has the right to assume citizenship under the existing laws, many restrictions are encountered in practice, with the right not covering all ethnic nationalities of the Union. Therefore, ethnic people and displaced peoples in conflict areas are lacking in their fundamental right of citizenship and becoming stateless persons. Moreover the people are object to breakup of families and having physical and mental insecurity. Hence national reconciliation and citizenship issues need to be settled in conjunction. Therefore we earnestly demand the current government to promptly carry out the following matters.

1                    Burma Human Rights Commission and UN Human Rights agencies to lead and conduct methodical research on refugee children, internal displaced children and migrant children, and work initially for their recognition and citizenship

2                    To speedily conduct special assistance programs for survival and security of children inside the spheres of conflict and natural disaster

3                    To continue implementing ceasefire and peace talks on a nationwide scale

4                    To promptly carry out rehabilitation work in post-war areas

5                    To respect and observe the international Convention on the Rights of the Child that has been agreed and signed by Burma


We seriously urge transparency in implementing the said issues.

The Fifth Conference has elected eleven Central Committee members and five Alternate members for the next two-year term.

To contact:

Dr. Cynthia Maung (Chairperson, CPPCR)                           Mobile: 089 961 5054

Ko Naing Min (Secretary, CPPCR)                                        Mobile: 085 736 7211

U Maung Maung Gyi (Joint Secretary, CPPCR) Mobile: 087 180 9613

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