World Teachers’ Day Ceremony and Migrant School Teachers’ Conference

 5th Oct, 2011

Report note

          With the kind support of Word Education and Local CBOS and with BMTA acting as leading role, World Teachers’ Day was successfully commemorated on 5th October 2011. Ms Manidar of MOE, Dr Cynthia Maung, Dr Thein Lwin (TTBT), BMTA Chair Person Mahn Shwe Hnin, Naing Naing Htun (joint- secretary of BMTA) each acted at master of ceremony. Out of (74) migrant schools in Tak Province, more than (400) teachers from (63) schools and 21 student helpers attended the ceremony. It is over 73 percents of total estimated participants.

The ceremony started at 8:30 with registration and breakfast, followed with opening speech by Dr Cynthia Maung, Mr. Greg from World Education each delivered honoring speech to all the teachers and gave words of encouragement, Honoring speech delivered by Ms Manidar (MOE), welcoming speech  by Chair person of BMTA and honoring speech by Dr Thein Lwin (TTBT) .Then all the teachers singing BMTA’s theme song.          The ceremony was honored with delightful entertainment from the students of Ah Yone Oo school, and songs from New Road school-teachers.

          The second part of the program was reporting of BMTA EC’s actions taken, forming election committee and Teachers’ conference. At 10:00 AM  BMTA secretary explained about BMTA last year activities, BMTA treasure’s report, CTDCEP report, CPPCR report and presentation about ME.  According to the program, explanation and activities progress of BMTA’s EC was presented by the chair person, reports from the Secretary and Budget reports were presented as well as CTDCEP, CPPCR and ME reported to teachers’ conference about their programs. And questions from the teachers were explained and answered by EC members.

          From the teachers’ discussions concerning about BMTA’s future plans, this program had open discussion and post box program, all teachers upon their decision requested that BMTA take full responsibility to current situation of teachers’ role and rights. Teachers suggested that BMTA make sure its strengthen its roles on all doing things as well as for their chances, rights and mostly emphasis to drawing subjects curriculum, teachers capacity and qualification, higher education program and networking with local and international educational organizations and teachers’ unions.

      The third parts of the program was election process, five election committee members was formed by all teachers. They are;

  1. Saya Sai Myint Swe from 42 Kilo Meter –  Chair person
  2. Saya Mahn Bala Sein from Kwe Ka Baung
  3. Sayama Daw Htat Htat Aung from Has Mu Htaw
  4. Sayama Daw San San Yee from (  BHSOH   )
  5. Saya Shee Sho Htun from love and care

The election committee drew rule and policy for election, and then all executive committee withdraw and hand over authorities to election committee. There were 22 candidates elected by the system of one nominator and two recommenders. Then, all teachers gave their votes for 11 executive committee members out of these 22 candidates democratically. They elected the following 11 executive committee members;

  • Mahn Shwe Hnin         – Chair Person ( CDC)
  • Mahn David Min Naing –Vice Chair Person (AGAPE)
  • Pho Cho                    – Secretary (Saytanar)
  • Naing Naing Htun       – Joint- Secretary (CDC)
  • Min Min                     – Public relationship (SAW)
  • Aung Min Soe            – News and information ( Hsa Mu Htaw)
  • Naw Ku Paw             – Project
  • Kyaw San                 – Organizer ( Ah Yone Oo)
  • Daw Htat Htat Aung   – Treasurer ( Hsa Mu Htaw)
  • Daw Thida                – Audit 1 (AGAPE)
  • Chan Myae Naing      –  Audit 2 (Phi Chit)

As well as they elected 6 co-executive committee members as follow;

  •  Thar Taw – Member (Organizing team)
  •  Shwe Zin – Member (Organizing team)
  •  Aye Zaw – Member (Organizing team)
  •  Zaw Htat – Member (Public relation Dept)
  •  Daw Khin Mar Mar Aye – Member ( News and information Dept) Hsa Mu Htaw
  •  Daw Sable – Member ( Finance team)

        Before ending program, honoring presents were given to one male and female teacher who are eldest in this teachers’ conference. T-shirts commemorating World Teachers’ Day were distributed to all the teachers.

        On behalf of BMTA EC and all the migrant teachers, may you kindly acknowledge our thanks for the supports that you and your organization showered upon us so that our tasks be successfully completed.

Thank you very much.


Executive Committee

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