Emergency Declaration of Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association

B.M.T.A is an association that is organized with teachers from the migrant areas. The executive committee members of the B.M.T.A are undertaking the works for the teachers in migrant area in accordance with the constitutions written by all the teachers and they, the executive committee members, have also been elected with votes from the organized members in organization.
The mission of the constitution of the article no.(5) of B.M.T.A describe that:
1. All the teachers must unify
2. As mandated for the existence of the life promotion and security of the teachers, in article (5) it also includes to uphold and maintain teachers prestige.
As a result, the emergency meeting by the executive committees of the B.M.T.A declares as following with regard to the circumstances those occur in this migrant area.
1. To undertake to get helps as possible within this month for the teachers who still do not receive the stipends and schools which confront the crisis of financial have to be assisted by collaborating the officers in charge from the BMWEC, the representatives from the donors, and the experienced teachers from the institution of the migrant education by founding the emergency committee.
2. The conference of the BMWEC will be conducted in the late September of 2011 and the members of EC will also be re-elected from the representatives of 74 schools in migrant areas.
(Note: Due to the fact that the BMWEC is the organization which is in regard to all migrant schools, it does not allow electing from the only schools’ representatives which accept the donation fund.)
3. Disturbing the unity of the teachers, the behaviors that obscure the glory of the migrant education like causing dissension amongst community and segregating and organizing the community people and the actions that impact the negative consequences done by the organizations and people will strongly be opposed by the B.M.T.A.
(4)The B.M.T.A have declared that the emergency conference will be conducted with the rights from the articles (15) in B.M.T.A constitutions and, if need be, the conference will be undertaken strictly.
According to the decisions by the executive committee;

Mahn Shwe Hnin
the senior of the B.M.T.A
Burmese Migrant Teachers’ Association

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