Michelle’s Report about P’yaw Taung school

Hi everyone,

I have good news to report. I visited the P’yaw Taung school this morning and had a brief but productive planning discussion with the headmaster, Htee Kaw Hsei and one of the teachers. Summary:

* The school prefers to request a 40 foot container.
* Since the new building (school/dormitory) is complete, they no longer need one of the bamboo dormitories. They would like to remove this dormitory and situate the container in this site.
* Since the dormitory is at the ‘top’ of the open space of the school compound, there should be reasonable access to the truck bringing in the container. (They had initially suggested another site deeper into the village up the hill and I pointed out they would need to knock down a few structures to get the container in there!)
* They will discuss with the monastery to ensure support and agreement.
* They will discuss the logistics with the villagers.
* They will discuss with the villagers how best to prepare the site and let us know if they need cement, rocks or any other supplies to prepare a solid, flat foundation.
* We will need to let them know a timeline regarding when they might expect the container to arrive so they can ensure the site is properly prepared in advance.
* I explained to Htee Kaw Hsei that we may be highlighting this library as a pilot project so the children can expect to be in lots of photos. I also described the book list that I prepared and some of its contents and the he was happy about it. He would like to make sure we balance out the english books with some Karen and Thai books. He also agreed that it’s a great idea to have lots of “fun” books.
* I think I need to print out a photo of what a container looks like since I am not certain they understood what I was describing. This will help them plan in more detail for preparing the site.

Editorial comment: I was really pleased with the site they are proposing. I was concerned that the available space would be the downhill part of the open area in front of the school, towards the road, (currently the football field) which shows a lot of damage from constant water runoff. The site of the current dormitory is nearly flat, and at the ‘top’ of the school compound and less likely to have issues from water runoff. The space is plenty large enough for a 40 foot container. I have not measured it out, but we can do that later.

I have taken some video and photos of the site which I’ll post shortly and send you all the link.

Thanks everyone!


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