Future Plans of Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association


Future Plans of Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association

1. To renew and issue member cards to all member teachers.
2. To cooperate with particular scholars in accomplishing occasional training to upgrade teacher’s skills and quality of teaching.
3. To collaborate with respective educational organizations for curricular activities and occasional curriculum development workshops.
4. To provide teachers with library in the aim of increasing their concept, knowledge that can assist them in creating new ideas and teaching aids. And also to provide library service to schools which have library.
5. To find out ways about how to raise fund for the social benefit of member teachers and to honor teachers who are ought to be honor.
6. To collect member fees and monthly fee from every member teachers.
(Member fee =20 baht, monthly fee 20 baht)
7. To hold Teacher seminar and to celebrate World Teacher’s Day on 5th October on the coming year 2010.
8. To cooperate continuously with regional organizations in Child Right Protection Services.
9. To connect with Thai Education in coordination to seek for the changing needs of teachers.
10. To collaborate in participation with international Teacher Union like AFT.
11. To communicate with Organization who willing to support the access of further education for both teachers and students.
12. To publish BMTA pamphlets, to publish BMTA newsletter bimonthly and to create BMTA website.
13. To plan for school trips in order to build better relationship and cooperation between teachers from each school and BMTA.
14. To communicate for support from respective organizations to provide schools in need with teachers and volunteer teachers so that the students can access education to their fullest potentials.
15. To hold BMTA’s Seminar and 3rd election on October 5th 2011.

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