Statement of Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association

19 Oct ;2009 ,

Statement of Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association

On the Second Election of the Executive Committee 2009

Due to the result of being unable to survive under Burmese Military regime’s oppressions and due to the unsuccessful economic policies and prolonged economic crisis Burmese people had to leave their homeland and crossed into Thailand to seek for works.

Their Children also have to live and work along side their parents. The education of these children is at a risk due to their different Living condition.

There are about 2 million migrant workers in Thailand and 90% of them are from Burma. Mae Sot area in Tak alone had 10 % of the Burmese migrant workers living and working. More than 500 teachers teaching respectively in 62 migrant schools established in Mae Sot area had formed Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association in 2005, to cooperate on educational activities and to develop bilateral relation among schools and teachers.

The aim of the association is to develop a solid foundation of education in migrant area and to signify the roles of teachers. The  objectives are–to unify all teachers in migrant areas, to ensure security and existence of the migrant teachers; to exchange knowledge and supportive interaction in relationship, respect and confident among each teachers and schools concerning about education, to upgrade skills  and educational qualities of the teachers, to  upgrade and maintain the prestige of teachers, to cooperate for the rights of education for all the school-aged children; to collaborate with the regional and international organizations.

The first election for the executive committee of the association was held on October 28thto 3rd March 2007, and the second election for executive committee was held on

4th and 5th October 2009, 11 new executive committee members were elected with the free will and with democratic principles by all the teachers who attended the Election Day.

BMTA declares that the following executive committee members were elected to lead the role during the next two year terms.

New Executive Committee of BMTA

  1. Mahn Shwe Hnin                          Chairperson
  2. Mahn Than Htoo                          Vice-Chair person
  3. Mahn David Min Naing                  Secretary
  4. U Pho Cho                                   Joint secretary
  5. Daw Sabel                                   Executive member –financial management
  6. U Kyaw San                                 Executive member –Organizing
  7. Naw Khu Paw                              Executive member –Project management
  8. Daw Thi Dar                               Executive member –auditor
  9. Naw Hei Htoo                                       Executive member –auditor

10.  U Naing Naing Htun                      Executive member –News and information

11.  U Chang One                               Executive member –External relation

The Second election of executive committee

Burmese Migrant Teacher’s Association

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